Our history

Already at the end of the ‘50s IBL starts the industrial production of poplar plywood and invests in the production of blockboards succeeding in selling also abroad. In the ‘60s the company widens and strengthen the activities of panels production. Besides plywood and blockboards, the company starts to produce also veneered panels. In the ‘90s IBL moves the production of spruce panel cores to Romania and in Hungary with the company Derula starts the production of blockboard poplar cores, increase the production capacity of poplar plywood, sandwich plywood and poplar blockboards. From 2010 IBL’s aim is to complete the productive cycle acquiring poplar plantations in order to directly run the farming of most part of the poplar wood used for panel production. Thanks to direct access to raw material, the critical factor of the future, IBL aims at guaranteeing its customers constant quality and deliveries.

Our History


Our roots

The Bonzano’s sell poplar trees and produce sawn timber
We found IBL, we produce green light panels. Plywood, blockboards and veneered panels
We are the first in Italy to produce thin clipboard
We are the first in the world to produce thin MDF
We open up to Europe and acquire Derula in Hungary
We double production capacity of Derula in Hungary
We reach 2000 hectares of poplar plantations in Hungary
Coniolo Monferrato: I-PAN was born
We are the first in Italy and the only one in Europe to produce poplar OSB

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  • Pubblicità “Il mercato dei pannelli compensati e paniforti” supplemento a “Il Legno” n. 49 – Dicembre 1990

  • Pubblicita “L’Industria dei pannelli in italiano per il mobile e l’arredamento” ed. L’industria del mobile – milano – 1980